Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has revolutionized the approach to market products and services. As there are millions of active users on internet, every business wish to advertise online and maximize their reach to the potential customers. 

The marketing strategy has to be optimized to obtain the desired results. Every Digital Marketing channel has a unique mechanism to contribute to the online marketing and achieve the required outcomes. The various Digital Marketing Channels are discussed below with their distinct mechanisms.

  1. Website

Websites are a perfect channel for Content Marketing. The websites that contain relevant content related to the products and services are always preferred by the online customers. The multimedia properties support the valuable content to be developed in the form of videos, info graphics, etc.

The engaging, high-quality and relevant content on website helps to increase the traffic and thus, the opportunity for sales of products or services. Also, it helps to get information about the people interested in website’s products and services. So, the lead to the potential customers is also generated with it.

  1. Email 

Email as a marketing channel provides good returns on investment (ROI) due to its versatility. Although it is not the latest technology but with the newest trends in content development and marketing, personalization and automation provides good amount of leads and generates revenues.

The smartly crafted email promotes products and creates brand awareness. The engaging emails encourage loyalty and valuable feedback from the customers. Thus, it leads to nurture the long term relationships with the customers.

  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media has grown from a personal interaction platform to stage that provides large number of potential customers with an easy approach for interactive communication and engagement.

The Social Media allows building a personalized relationship with customers and brand followers. As Social Media posts are easy to share, this helps growing the customer base.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Search Engines are constantly used by a huge number of people to search for products and services. Standing out from the competition in the search results presented by the search engines provides better prospects of getting potential customers. Keyword research, content optimization, and linkable content creation are some of the best practices to rank higher in the search engine results.

The use of quality and optimized content on regular basis helps to rank higher in the search result. The higher rank supports building backlinks from high quality websites. The quality backlinks in-turn help in receiving higher rank in search results.

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is a paid search approach where the advertisement for the searched keyword is shown above the organic results. This increases the chances of getting potential customer. The businesses pay for such ads only in case their ad is clicked by the user. This model of SEM is called Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing.

The SEM is a better way of increasing brand awareness. This strategy displays ads in front of motivated buyers and thus, leads generation and conversion has an improved possibility.

  1. Mobile

As the number of mobile phone users has increased tremendously, it is a good option to utilize it for marketing. The people use mobiles while travelling, so, expect the information to be handy and utilized from mobile phone. This encourages the use of geo-targeting strategies and mobile friendly website, apps and information.

Mobile marketing is useful in retail business and local shopping, as it increases the sale volume in both the cases. Along with it, the brand value increases with advertisement appearance on mobile phones.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a partnership between business and affiliate marketers to promote a product or service through recommendation. This strategy is effective in both generating leads and promoting sales.

The market reach of the Affiliate Marketers is broad. They recommend the products and services through websites, social media platforms, blogs, etc. The Affiliate Marketers encourage their audience to follow their advice and thus provide good sales leads.

  1. Video Marketing

Videos are an extremely powerful marketing tool. Many people watch videos for entertainment and provide a source for various advertisements with it. Also, the demo videos can be used to educate the benefits of product or service and consequently, encouraging the sales.

The use of Video Marketing increases the customer engagement and the consideration of the product or service for purchasing. Optimization of the video content provides a boost to the rank in search results and the web traffic.

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